New films at access>CINEMA sites for Spring 2017

New films at access>CINEMA sites for Spring 2017

Spring 2017 sees the best new current and upcoming films screening at access>CINEMA sites.

Highlights include La La Land, Toni Erdmann, The Fencer (an access>CINEMA exclusive), I, Daniel Blake, The Innocents, Manchester by the Sea and Elle.

Through access>CINEMA's network of 80 different locations, audiences all over Ireland will have the opportunity to see the best award-winning and award-nominated films from around the world in their own local communities.

Below we've highlighted a number of films that are screening across our network between January and April 2017. 

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Controversial Dutch director Paul Verhoeven (Black Book, Basic Instinct) returns with a provocative, divisive and darkly humourous thriller, in which French star Isabelle Huppert delivers a Golden Globe winning performance as a businesswoman who reacts rather unconventionally after a violent physical attack against her.

The Fencer (Miekkailija)

Exclusive to access>CINEMA sites, this touching tale of redemption tells the true story of champion fencer Endel Nelis, who while on the run from the Soviet police took up a teaching position in a remote Estonian school. While there he becomes a father figure for the traumatised students, mostly war orphans, teaching them fencing as a way to overcome their loss and his own.

I, Daniel Blake

Ken Loach won his second Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2016 for this timely drama about an out-of-work Newcastle carpenter's battle to survive after being denied his government health benefits. Working with long-time collaborator screenwriter Paul Laverty, Loach delivers a powerful work that is intensely moving, darkly humourous and deeply heartbreaking.

The Innocents

In 1945’s Poland, Mathilde, a young French Red Cross doctor comes to the aid of a group of Polish nuns, many of whom are in the advance state of pregnancy, after their vows were violated by Russian soldiers. Anne Fontaine’s assured and sensitive drama is based on real events, and is an emotional layered, tender and insightful drama about faith and trauma.

La La Land

The latest from Damien Chazelle, director of the award-winning Whiplash, is a dazzling, magical, musical love story and joyous homage to Hollywood, starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. With film influences from Jacques Demy right through to Rebel without a Cause, La La Land is a cinematic breath of fresh air that will put a smile on your face.

Manchester by the Sea

Casey Affleck gives an exceptional performance as Lee, a reclusive janitor whose return to his Massachusetts hometown of Manchester after the sudden death of his beloved older brother, forces him to confront painful memories from his past. Writer-director Kenneth Lonergan’s third feature is an emotionally layered and profoundly insightful exploration of human tragedy, loss and healing.

The Olive Tree (El Olivo)

Delightful, passionate and heartfelt, The Olive Tree is a heart-warming tale of redemption and hope. Impulsive Lena sets out on a journey to recover her Grandfather's ancestral olive tree, which is encased within the soulless headquarters of a German multinational. Icíar Bollaín (Even the Rain) has crafted a warm tale about a family for whom to reconcile means to rediscover their roots.


The charming new film from independent American director Jim Jarmusch (Only Lovers Left Alive, Broken Flowers) observes a week in the life of working-class bus driver Paterson (Adam Driver), as he tries to connect his everyday routines and relationships with the creativity he shows in the poetry that he writes.

Things to Come (L'avenir)

Featuring one of Isabelle Huppert finest performances, Things To Come portrays the sudden change in philosophy teacher Nathalie’s comfortable life. In her sixties, Nathalie must contend with the sudden reality of being alone. Soberly Nathalie draws on the reserves of strength she has accumulated over years of contemplation to deal with the barrage of crises now facing her. With enormous emotional clarity, Huppert crafts a performance of subtle brilliance.

Toni Erdmann

One of the most talked-about films at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival, the latest from award-winning German director Maren Ade (Everyone Else) is a hilarious and unique comedy, which follows the upheaval caused in the life of a repressed ambitious management consultant, when she receives a surprise and unwelcome visit from her prank-playing father.