Guardians, The (Les Gardiennes)

Directed by Xavier Beauvois
France, Switzerland, Monaco, Belgium

“...unassumingly powerful details make The Guardians one of the year’s most affecting love stories.” The Village Voice

France, 1915. Hortense and her daughter Solange take over the running of the family farm while the men go off to war. With the harvest approaching, Hortense hires Francine, a young woman who proves herself as an invaluable help. But when Hortense’s son George returns on leave, romance develops between him and Francine, upsetting the natural balance in the process...

Cannes Grand Prize winner Xavier Beauvois (Of Gods and Men) adapts Ernest Pérochon’s 1924 novel into this intimate drama exploring the lives of three women - the “guardians” - left to work a family farm during the war. Beautifully shot and with outstanding performances from all three lead actresses, The Guardians is a striking homage to the women of WW1.

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  • Available on DCP Format: From September 2018
  • Available on DVD/Bluray Format: From January 2019