Directed by Alejandro Landes
Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Uruguay

“★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ... easily one of the best films of 2019.” The Irish Times

Exiled on a remote mountainside in South America, the Monos are a group of teenage soldiers. Their job: to guard a single hostage.

Who they are and where they come from is not known. They have their orders from the Organisation communicated by radio, and also sporadic visits from the Messenger, serving as a voice of authority and connection to the outside world.

But when the accidental death of the camp’s cow causes the group’s leadership to be questioned, the internal dynamics shift and the few ties the Monos had to reality begin dissolve.

Monos is a powerful, beautifully surreal film, which uses a pulsating soundtrack and visual style to provide an immersive and mesmerising experience for the viewer.

Interested in screening this film?

  • Available on DCP Format: From January 2020
  • Available on DVD/Bluray Format: From March 2020