Permission (Araghe Sard)

Directed by Soheil Beiraghi

“A film that urges its audience to do more than just feel sad and sign a couple of petitions… full of hunger for justice. ★★★★ ” Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film

Afrooz is the star player of Iran’s national indoor soccer team and is excited as they head to the Asian Nations Cup in Malaysia. But at the airport, Afrooz is turned away because her husband Yaser has refused permission for her to leave the country.

Although Afrooz and Yaser have been separated and living apart for over a year, he still has legal rights he can exercise over her. Desperate to compete in the biggest match of her life, Afrooz tries everything to change her husband’s mind. But Yaser seems intent on taking his revenge, and with the law on his side, can Afrooz really stop him?

Soheil Beiraghi’s gripping second feature is loosely based on a real incident.

Interested in screening this film?

  • Available on DCP Format: From October 2019
  • Available on DVD/Bluray Format: From October 2019