The Lonely Battle of Thomas Reid

Directed by Feargal Ward

“A lyrical and unconventional approach brings an added layer of interest to this ’David and Goliath’ tale of an eccentric Irish farmer from North East Kildare who takes on the might of an American computing corporation.” Screen International

Kildare farmer Thomas Reid lives a solitary life on the fringes of mainstream society, but beyond the walls of his 18th century farm sits an Intel factory — vital to the national economy but long an unsettling presence in Thomas' life.

When agents from the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) come to inquire about his house and lands, Thomas Reid refuses to sell his farm, leading him into direct conflict with the State.

Feargal Ward’s critically acclaimed and award-winning new Irish film details the struggle faced by Reid when he challenges the IDA’s attempt to compulsorily purchase his farm for the benefit of the multinational company.

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  • Available on DCP Format: From November 2018
  • Available on DVD/Bluray Format: From November 2018