access>CINEMA Information Session June 2019

Screening Day

Are you interested in starting to screen films locally in your town or community?

Then why not come to our next information session on Monday June 24th at the Digital Hub in Dublin.

access>CINEMA hosts a number of Information Meetings per year for groups who are interested in the possibility of developing cultural cinema exhibition in their area.

We receive a lot of enquiries and circulate a lot of information about the services we provide. 

Our information meetings give organisations or individuals who may be interested in starting to screen films locally in their own community a chance to learn about how things work in relation to cultural cinema exhibition in Ireland and film screenings in general.

Each meeting covers subjects including licensing, screening costs and equipment as well as details of the service provided by access>CINEMA to those wishing to become a member of our network.

The meetings also give attendees a chance to tease out and obtain answers to their specific questions.

The next information session will take place in Dublin on Monday June 24th.

If you would like to register for the meeting, please do so via Event Brite

For additional information or queries, please email us on