Want to learn more about the access>CINEMA network and how it works?

Want to learn more about the access>CINEMA network and how it works?

Managing Director Maeve Cooke speaks to Creative Europe Ireland about how access>CINEMA's member sites deliver the best of European, Irish and independent films to audiences all across Ireland.

access>CINEMA is the resource organisation for regional cultural cinema exhibition in Ireland.

Originally set up as the Federation of Irish Film Societies (FIFS), access>CINEMA has over 40 years experience of working with non-profit and voluntary organisations to bring curated programmes of quality films to all parts of Ireland.

Now working with over 80 member sites in all parts of in Ireland, the access>CINEMA network guarantees that regional audiences have the same opportunity to see a range of international, Irish and independent films in their local communities.

access>CINEMA Director Maeve Cooke recently sat down with Creative Europe Ireland to explain more about the network and how it operates, as well as to discuss upcoming events activities including its release of the Bulgarian film Glory (Slava) in January, the Touring Partnership with the Audi Dublin International Film Festival in February and the 10th edition of the Japanese Film Festival in April.

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