Join us

Becoming a member of the access>CINEMA network brings many benefits. 

We provide members with a wide range of helpful services including our core programming advice and support service. We also provide members with a host of exclusive special offers including access to member-only events.

Being part of our network gives you the opportunity to meet other people from across Ireland who share a similar passion for film which inspires them to provide access to a wider choice of film screenings in their communities and so bring the magical experience of cinema to local audiences of all ages.
As a network member, you will also be in touch with the wider community cinema sector across Ireland, as well as what is happening at an international level through access>CINEMA’s European and global cinema networks.
For anyone who is interested in starting to screen films locally or in becoming a member of the network, we currently hold two information sessions annually, open to anyone to attend.
Additional information about access>CINEMA services is found in the FAQ section, and you can also contact us on for more details.