Directed by Christian Petzold

“Christian Petzold returns with something lighter, funnier and more instantly-lovable than his recent run” Little White Lies

Writer Leon and photographer Felix travel to a holiday home on the Baltic coast for the summer - Leon needs to finish his second book, while Felix works on his portfolio. Their plans are upended when they arrive to find Nadja, an unexpected houseguest, already settled in. 

Initially irritated by the fun-loving Nadja and her “could-be” boyfriend Devid, the stand-offish Leon finds himself gradually intrigued by and attracted to her. As the holidays progress, so too does the dynamic of the group. But everything is disrupted when the area’s forest fires, once far away, draw closer.

Afire, the second instalment, after Undine, in Christian Petzold’s so-called “elemental trilogy” is an intelligent and compelling film, full of humour and tragedy.

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  • Available on DCP Format: From October
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