Blue Jean

Directed by Georgia Oakley

“★<strong>★★★★</strong> - A supremely accomplished debut feature from writer-director Georgia Oakley” The Observer

England, 1988. New education laws from Thatcher’s government threaten to further stigmatise homosexuality. Jean, recently divorced, is now in a happy relationship with her girlfriend Viv. Jean works as a PE teacher in a secondary school, but there she keeps her sexuality a secret. However, everything changes for her after she’s spotted by a student at a local gay bar.

Georgia Oakley’s award-winning debut feature is a moving coming-out story and a reminder of the challenges the gay community faced just a generation ago (and, in many cases, still do today). 

Rosy McEwen is revelatory as Jean. Her performance is restrained yet expressive and is further enhanced thanks to excellent support from Kerrie Hayes and newcomer Lucy Halliday.

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