Come Back Anytime

Directed by John Daschbach

“This is a film about people, community and how our relationship to food and its preparation underpins everything that makes us a society” Stuff New Zealand

For decades, the self-taught ramen master Masamoto Ueda and his wife Kazuko have run Bizentei - a tiny Tokyo ramen joint. On the weekends, they venture out into the countryside where they harvest natural ingredients for their ramen and homely side dishes. After forty years in business, Bizentei has its own little community of regulars, and many of them have funny or moving stories to share about their personal connections with Masamoto’s ramen.

Ramen fans won’t want to miss this delectable documentary about the effort that goes into every bowl of Masamoto’s delicious shoyu (soy sauce) ramen. It’s a tribute to the craft involved in creating the perfect ramen, but also a celebration of how the humblest of dishes can bring people together.

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  • Available on DCP Format: From August
  • Available on DVD/Bluray Format: From August