Directed by Marie Kreutzer
Austria, France, Germany

“In the hands of Krieps and Austrian director Marie Kreutzer, the Empress Elisabeth of Corsage is an irreverent, often immature, and tremendously endearing first lady with an insatiable desire to determine her own future.” IndieWire

Vienna 1877: Empress Elizabeth of Austria turns 40. Always famed for her beauty, Elizabeth is also a curious and intelligent woman, with a keen passion for life. But under increased public scrutiny, she finds herself battling between conforming as a mere “trophy” figure with a tiny waist (maintained by her tight corsets), or rebelling against expectations and pursuing the freedom she craves.

Actress Vicky Krieps not only stars as Elizabeth, but also originated the idea for Corsage, making it a very personal project for her. She worked closely with director Kreutzer on this stunning retelling of the life of the real empress, and the result is an unconventional costume drama, which presents an alternative, feminist view of this historical figure.