Martin Eden

Directed by Pietro Marcello
Italy, France, Germany

“Spellbinding. One of the best films of the last decade.” Sight & Sound Magazine

Based on Jack London’s 1909 novel, Pietro Marcello’s Martin Eden chronicles the life of an uneducated sailor (Luca Marinelli) who falls for wealthy Italian beauty Elena Orsini, and is subsequently inspired to become a writer.

Yearning to transform himself to prove his worth to Elena, Martin immerses himself in literature and politics. Irrevocably emerging as a fierce critic of the ruling class, Martin comes into conflict with Elena’s family.

Relocated to early 20th century Naples, Marcello’s film cleverly blurs past and present to create a mesmerising portrait of a timeless anti-hero caught within the flux of history. The director seamlessly interweaves archival footage of the city and its people throughout, resulting in a richly textured film of lush visual pleasures.