Mavka: The Forest Song

Directed by Oleh Malamuzh, Oleksandra Ruban
Ukraine / USA

“The use of folk music... adds a distinctive character and degree of charm” The Observer

In an enchanted Ukrainian forest, a spirited Mavka nymph falls in love with Lucas, a village artist. Their forbidden romance faces challenges from disapproving spirits and Mavka's protective father. As a dark force threatens the forest, Mavka and Lucas embark on a journey to save their worlds, learning about love, bravery, and the interconnectedness of nature. 

With stunning visuals and a magical soundtrack, Mavka: The Forest Song is a heart-warming animated adventure that celebrates the power of love and the harmony between humankind and the natural world.

Interested in screening this film?

  • Available on DCP Format: From October
  • Available on DVD/Bluray Format: From TBC