Directed by Christopher Nolan

“★★★★★ Cillian Murphy… dominates the film, playing Robert Oppenheimer with a restraint that perfectly suits this charismatic yet chilly character” BBC

Christopher Nolan’s epic biopic focuses on the life of famed physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer. His most famous work was leading the Manhattan Project, the US effort to create an atomic bomb during World War 2. In the aftermath of the bombings of Japan, Oppenheimer became increasingly critical of further atomic development - putting him on a collision course with powerful US politicians.

This remarkable film is a cinematic spectacle like few others, equal parts awe-inspiring and solemn. Nolan explores Oppenheimer’s interior, personal and professional lives with startling clarity, aided by tremendous performances from Cillian Murphy and a vast ensemble cast of contemporary acting greats. Nolan once again makes peerless use of the cinematic canvas, with often breathtaking visual and sound design.

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