Rise (En Corps)

Directed by Marion Barbeau

“Barbeau, a trained ballet dancer in the Paris Opera, gives a beautiful performance that communicates the emotional interiority that exists in the physicality of dancing” Phuong Le, The Guardian

Presented with the support of the French Embassy and the Institut Français.

Elise (Marion Barbeau), a ballet prima donna, believed she had a perfect life with a loving boyfriend and a successful career. However, one catastrophic night, her world falls apart as she discovers her partner's infidelity before suffering a serious injury on stage. Now, she faces a recovery period that may take two years, with the possibility of never being able to dance professionally again.

In search of physical and emotional healing, Elise escapes to Brittany, leaving Paris behind. Surrounded by friends, a new love interest, and the liberating world of contemporary dance, she rebuilds her relationship with her reserved father and rediscovers her true self.

Ballet-trained Paris Opera principal Marion Barbeau’s body-and-spirit performance is only ever magnetic and heartwarming.

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