Shorts & Resources for Little Film Fans Round Two

Directed by Various

Welcome to Round Two of our Shorts & Resources for Little Film Fans.

We have once again partnered with our wonderful friends at Dundee Contemporary Arts and Discovery Film Festival to bring you more shorts and resources for your Little Film Fans.  

Over the coming five weeks we will be selecting one short, with accompanying activity sheets, from the Discovery Festival Shorts for Wee Ones and Shorts for Middle Ones 2019 packages, we're hoping to help provide some entertainment and stimulation during the continuing restrictions for all the children who are missing their Family Film Screenings and trips to the cinema.

Each Thursday we will send a mail out and also upload viewing links to the short along with specific resources right here.

We hope you enjoy!!

Bellyflop | Jeremy Collins| 5 minutes | South Africa | 2018 | PG

Persistence pays off when an unashamed young girl learning to dive is unperturbed by a talented diver who steals the spotlight.

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Resources for Bellyflop

Resources created by Lindsey Law.

Pearfall | Leonid Shmelkov| 3 minutes | Estonia | 2017 | PG

Pearfall is a surreal animated short by Russian filmmaker Leonid Shmelkov. In this short the main character battles against the inevitable effects of gravity on a pear. The character (a blue monster) tries unsuccessfully to prevent a pear falling repeatedly on his head. The story involves no words, but instead uses odd sounds of communication from the characters.

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Resources for Pearfall

Resources created by Ian Cameron.

Hedgehog | Various| 5 minutes | France | 2018 | PG

This short is about a little boy struggling to find his place in the world. He experiences rejection and indifference at home, and animosity and a degree of apathy at school. He is a thoughtful child and has channelled all his feelings and emotions into his interest in hedgehogs, which in turn have become his substitute relationship. This is the only topic he feels confident and willing to share with others. However he doesn't find in anybody a sympathetic audience, not even his teacher. He retreats into this other world where he is caring for the hedgehogs; a degree of care he does not seem to have experienced himself.

Advisory: As part of the soundtrack we overhear possible domestic abuse issues, as the boy's parents argue with each other.

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Resources for Hedgehog

Resources created by Sheena Lusby.

Slurp | Florent Hill | 4 minutes | France | 2018 | PG

Slurp is about a little boy who tries to solve a family problem: his grandmother's soup slurping! Slurp is about family relationships, responsibilities and finding a way to live in harmony with others.

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Resources for Slurp

Resources created by Meg Bough.