The Bright Side

Directed by Ruth Meehan

“★ ★ ★ ★ … an inspiring, uplifting, and important story. … Only those with hearts of stone will be able to resist getting pulled along by The Bright Side's current.” The Sunday Independent

Kate, a jaded stand-up comedian enjoys relative success on the local circuit. Night after night she runs through her cynical, self-deprecating set, concluding with backstage beers and gambling with her equally jaded male colleagues.

But when an unexpected cancer diagnosis requires her to undergo treatment, Kate encounters a diverse group of women, all at different stages of treatment and recovery.

Based on the memoirs of stand-up comedian Anne Gildea, The Bright Side is both a sensitive and darkly humorous tale of solidarity between a small group of women from a cross-section of society. As each travels on their own personal journey with cancer, the unlikely group also form strong bonds, and support each other through good and bad times.