access>CINEMA is a not-for-profit cultural cinema resource organisation, which provides services and supports for organisations and groups interested and involved in providing all audiences throughout Ireland with access to the best of Irish, world and independent cinema.

access>CINEMA is a company limited by guarantee and is a Registered Charity with the Revenue Commissioners and the Charity Regulator.

The organisation is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors

It is the organisation’s policy to comply with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and at all times to adhere to best business practice in all of its operations. 

The organisation is committed to the implementation of good governance and has commenced the process to meet the regulatory requirements of the Code of Governance.

access>CINEMA also complies with the Governance Transparency Scale required for organisations in receipt of Arts Council. 

Financial Statements

access>CINEMA keeps detailed and up to date financial records and is transparent in its audited financial statements. 

The most recent statement of audited accounts for access>CINEMA (1 January 2015 – 31 December 2015) is available to view here.

Senior staff salary bands can be viewed here.

In order to follow best practice in relation to accounting and reporting, access>CINEMA has adopted Charities SORP. 

SORP - the Statement of Recommended Practice, Accounting and Reporting by Charities (2005) was developed in accordance with Accounting Standards Board guidelines, by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, and by the Scottish Regulator. Whilst it has no jurisdiction outside the UK, access>CINEMA has adopted this system which is seen as prudent and provides best practice in respect of accounting and reporting. 

Articles and Memorandum of Understanding

The organisation operates in accordance with its Memorandum of Articles and Association.

Current List of Members

access>CINEMA is a membership based resource organisation, view our members here.